Hello Nomadic Travelers!

Nomad Temporary Housing was founded by one of the pioneers of the temporary housing industry for nomadic travelers like you, to provide the widest possible choice of accommodations in the world. Nomad is the only independent operator of temporary apartments that combines the full service of an international temporary apartment company with the myriad of locations from over 1000 quality temporary apartment providers in Nomad’s network, 11,000 different apartment properties, and a total of 74,500 apartments. We provide you with unbiased options based on criteria you select. We place you where you wish to be at the rate you need, versus the competition placing you where it is convenient for them.

Our full service offering begins at the time of your rental request. Nomad’s reservation team conducts a “Nomad Needs Assessment" with you. We verify your specific requests when it comes to the important decision of selecting a temporary apartment. Is it location, price, or a particular apartment community?  Arrival date or something else? Whatever your needs may be, they drive the apartment options we provide.

We feature beautiful garden style apartments in Los Angeles, sleek high rise accommodations in Shanhai, New York or Vancouver, and traditional townhouses in London.

Nomad has regional offices located in California, Canada, Hong Kong and London

Nomad Value Proposition

  • Unbiased Selection. We give you options tailored to your needs, whether that is a specific arrival date, placing a group all in one building, or the lowest possible price point; whatever you desire. We can do this because we have no commercial interest in any property option we provide. We have no bias to our own apartment inventory, because we carry no inventory.  In this regard, we are unique, and we work for you. We never force you into options to fill existing vacant apartments, simply because we don't have any vacant apartments.
  • Price Advantage. We scour the market for the best possible pricing at the time of reservation. Our proprietary multiple bid system seeks out un-rented temporary apartment choices among quality providers. You receive the best possible prices due to our bid system, Nomad’s keen knowledge of each area’s rates and costs, and the negotiating prowess of the Nomad team.
  • Choice. You receive the price and location choice of hundreds of apartment providers, under the auspices of one firm. We have aggregated the temporary housing industry for you. You can rest easy and deal with one company for all your temporary housing needs. From one stay per year to hundreds per year; we provide a centralized point of contact for quality service, customized billing, 24/7 communication, and arrival and departure services.